The National Hockey League’s Official Website. A solid source for statistics and boxscores from NHL games.
The National Hockey League Player’s Association Website. Another useful site for statistics. One of the few sites where goaltenders can be sorted by Save Percentage and players can be sorted by Points Per Game.
A quick site that brings up a player’s hockey career tracking back to his junior days.
An excellent source for all team reports as well as stats including Points Per Game.
Information on players not yet in the NHL. Excellent source for players playing in junior, AHL or Europe who are on the radar screen of an NHL team. Also an excellent source for players yet undrafted.
The Sun chain of newspapers has cutting edge newspaper articles and is usually a good read to find information about mostly Canadian teams.
The Toronto Star Sports online.
Superb source for hockey rumors.
Home of our SIM - Action PC Hockey is the uNOFFICIAL Web site of the uNHL. We are uNLICENCED, uNREGISTERED, uNOFFICIAL, uNAPPROVED and anything else "un". We put the ‘un’ in the uNHL for a reason.  If you are a member of the NHL's legal team, we encourage you to send us a threatening letter so that we may frame it.  Please have as many big wigs sign it as possible as it may raise its value.