2017 Summer GM Meetings



A fifth round will be added to the uNHL Entry Draft but not every team will be permitted to draft a player.


The rules:


Some of these below are currently paid projects – prior to commencing, teams will have to decide if they wish to be paid or if they wish to take the points.  Currently this will remain an option though we may move to a system where it’s points only.


Teams can acquire points (system below).  Draft order will be by greater number of points accrued with a minimum 51 point buy-in currently though that is still something I’m working through.


Teams tied in points will be sorted in reverse order of regular finish (ignoring the lottery) (e.g. the 2nd round).


Teams who do not have enough points at the end of the season can buy at $50,000 per point (input?)


I’d like to tie this into the Darryl Cook Memorial Award – perhaps the team who selects 1st will also be the DCMA winner?  We can rename the 5th round after Darryl.






Making a substantial contribution to the Prospect Report – 20 points

Making a substantial contribution to the Forbes Report – 20 points

Making a substantial contribution to the IOS Report – 20 points

Writing the Richter Rankings – 3 points each

Writing the Bang for your Buck Award – 10 points

Keeping track of this fucking list – 20 points



Organizing and simming the All Star Game – 10 points

Voting for All-Star Game – 1 point

Having more than 1 of your players make an All Star Roster – 1 point per player above 1

Voting for player end-of-season Awards – 1 point

Winning the Jack Adams Award – 10 points

Having any of your players win an award – 1 point per award


Day-to-Day Operations

Running Games – 10 days worth = 1 point

Running Injuries in the playoffs – 1 point for every injury

Website – 20 points

Running Games – 10 days worth = 1 point

Economics – 20 points (run twice a season - @ 50 game mark / at end of season)

Contracts/Futures/Payroll – 20 points

Maintaining Capgeek File – 20 points

Getting no strikes – 50 points

Getting 1-3 strikes – 5 points

Getting 4th strike – minus 1 points

Getting 5th strike – minus 2 points

Getting 6th strike – minus 4 points

Getting 7th strike and every strike thereafter – minus 10 points

Making a trade – 1 point


uNHL Entry Draft / Off season/ Events

Creating the Supplemental List – 20 points

Attending the draft live (local) or online (out of town) – 1 point

Attending the draft live (travelling > 100 kms) – 20 points

Inputting players in the system at the draft – 5 points

Running the draft room at the draft – 2 points

Compiling Injury data – 20 points

Completing New D ratings – 10 points

Completing Goalie Ratings – 10 points

Setting the league up – 10 points

Running the UFA – 5 points

Organizing any social event (either local or online) – 5 points

Attending any social event (either online or in person) – 1 point

Hosting The Rectangle / TuSN / Other podcast/videocast – 5 points

Appearing as a guest on The Rectangle / TuSN / Other podcast/videocast – 1 point